The Importance of Being Earnest By: Erin Walsh

30 Oct

In high school, GPA was everything. Get the best grades, be involved in extra curriculars, and then get into a great college.  Well, I didn’t get much advice after that besides stay in school, so I did.

When I cam to NC State, I found it had many opportunities and was a wonderful resource to everyone who attended. Hundreds of clubs are there for not only recreational activities, but for academic and moral support as well.  As I hit the grind as a freshman,

I joined clubs for fun such as Campus Crusade for Christ, the Sailing Club, and the Raleigh Civic Symphony. As fun as those were, I needed to make room for an academic based club and stay on track for success.

Sophomore year I joined the American Institute for Chemical Engineering. There were professional fraternities and sororities out there too, specific to each major, but I had decided to join AIChE. It was fantastic to meet other people in my major who were enthusiastic about the subject as I was. I was able to network with my peers and created study groups as well as get advice from upperclassmen. The club was focused on networking with companies by providing dinner to students and allowing them to mingle with recruitment officers. On the side we also had functions to socialize and give back to the community. This was exactly what the recruitment officers were looking for and instantly became glad that I joined.

So, as you head out into the rest of your freshman or sophomore year, it is never too late to join a club that’s related to your major!


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